The Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator Certification

The Fembodiment™ Method Foundational Level-1 Certification is an internationally recognised professional training for women looking to become holistic sexuality facilitators. Or to expand their facilitating skills in the field of feminine embodiment, women's holistic sexuality, pleasure practices, energy work, breathwork, sound and authentic voice healing, meditative practices, advanced women's anatomy education, ancient Tantra wisdom, Taoism, and proven transformational facilitation and coaching skills.


What is a Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator?


Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator is a holistic sexuality feminine embodiment facilitator, supporting women, in one on one sessions and in a group setting to learn how to connect to their body, to trust themselves, their values, their boundaries and to feel their sexual energy. 

Over 8 modules of professional training, you'll learn the 3 core elements for competent facilitating, The Fembodiment™ Method way.

The energy of life in Nature and the flo

Feminine Embodiment
Embodied Movement Meditations
Understanding Yin & Yang Polarity

Sexual Breathwork
Fembodiment™ Pleasure Practices

The energy of life in Nature and the flo

Element 2
ReClaiming Voice
Breast Power
Understanding Female Vulva Anatomy
Orgasmic Potential
Erotic Intelligence
Whole-brain whole Body Pleasure Connection


The energy of life in Nature and the flo

Element 3
How biology backs up this work
Informed Agency & Consent
Self-Regulation & Communication skills

Creating safer group and one on one spaces
How to talk about the work. The Feminine Model of Marketing

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Some questions you may have?

When does the online training open for enrollment?

The program is open for enrollment now for the 1st of February 2022 start date. This is a 12-month online intimate training. Enter your details on the apply button to take the next step to apply and see if this is the right fit for you.

What does certification mean?

Students who successfully complete the 25 professional points by completing their case studies are eligible to be registered as a Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator. The Fembodiment™ Method is a modality created by Jenni Mears, as the Founder of the Embodied Feminine Institute. This modality is recognised; registered by the International Institution of Complementary Therapies (IICT).

What if I have never facilitated before, would this still be for me? 

Yes, it is. Whether you’re totally new to facilitating or you already have a tool kit of transformational skills already, this experience is for the woman ready to feel confident and competent connecting clients into their bodies using the Fembodiment™ Method. Often around half our students are100% new to facilitating. They likely already feel quite a home in that area and are called and ready to take it to the next level. The other half of our students have some kind of transformational skill in their tool kit (some common examples are yoga teachers, women's circle holders, embodiment coaches, holistic therapists but feel they are missing a ‘key piece’ to deepen the work they are offering.

Each of our 8 modules is designed with 4 advanced learning objectives of:
1. Engage - collaborative learning
2. Learn -  know how to apply it
3. Embody - deeply embody 

4. Activate - taking inspired action

Together, these 4 outcomes ensure you’re well entrained in all the necessary skills, qualities as a professional Fembodiment™ Method facilitator requires. You actually have the time and the space to practice and fully embody the work. Which makes it easy to facilitate with others.

If I am a coach or practitioner of some type can I still join and weave The Fembodiment™ Method with my existing work?

Yes, we are also very happy for you to take the modality of The Fembodiment™ Method and weave it together with your other skills and tools to offer the work in a way that feels most aligned for you.

Can I do the training just for my own personal development?

Yes, over the last few years more and more women have been called to experience the training just for their own personal self-empowerment. The personal option is a 10-month program. You don't have to do the case studies to become a facilitator instead you receive 2 personal online Zoom mentoring sessions with Jenni to support your integration and lasting fembodiment. 


What does the training cost? 

The training is an investment of time, energy, and money. The financial investment for this professional qualification is $2997 Payment plans are available. 

Who can I work with once I am certified?

The Fembodiment™ Method is a style of facilitating created for work primarily with women who identify as women as such and people with vulvas. As a result of this training, you’ll be endorsed to work with women age18 and beyond.

What professional support is offered after the training completion? 

We want you to be successful. You can also invest in private mentoring Zoom calls with Jenni.  
1. Ongoing live Zoom Calls 
2. Ongoing access to our private Telegram group for questions, celebrations, and challenges

What is your policy on diversity, inclusion, equality, and racism? 

The Embodied Feminine Institute, including our entire teaching and support team, are committed to creating an inclusive sex-positive collective where all people, of diverse identities and abilities, are welcome. We value social and environmental justice and have zero tolerance for hate speech, white supremacy, racist behavior, or discrimination.


How much is the minimum time to dedicate to this training? 

36 online Zoom group study classes in real-time with Jenni Mears. Duration 3 hours on Wednesday evenings. 

Home study embodied practice and reporting on the online training forum between 17 hours most weeks for the duration of the training.

What is the certification process?

Students complete twenty-five professional credits, through supervised practice sessions with individuals, and groups. These must be completed by the end of the 12-month training period to be awarded the professional certification. Once you have completed your case studies and paid your $197 one-off registration fee you will then have licensing rights to use the Fembodiment™ Method in your women's offerings and you will receive your modality certification. Also included is a website listing on the Embodied Feminine Institute page and you will be able to repeat the Level-1 training at any time for half the investment price to stay connected and enjoy any new content and practices that are added to the training. 


Where can I learn more about past students and graduates?     

Explore our certified Fembodiment™ Method facilitators and their work in our certified Fembodiment™ Method facilitators here.

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We will give you the training module online Zoom group study dates.

Then set up a time to chat with you for more curriculum info.


2022 Embodied Feminine Institute Scholarship Exchange Program

Our intention behind the EFI Scholarship Exchange Program is to remove the financial barrier for those that might otherwise be held back from Fembodiment™ Method Level-1 Certification and to make this offering available to everyone who feels called to work towards their Fembodiment™ transformation. In exchange for your skills, we are offering
financial support through two scholarships:

In exchange for your skills, we are offering financial support through 2 scholarships:

1. Full Support Scholarship: one successful applicant will be awarded 100% of tuition costs.

2. Partial Support Scholarship: one successful applicant will be awarded 50% of tuition costs.

Applications close December 31st, 2021