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Online12-Month Fembodiment™ Method

Level-2 Advanced Training

Continue your journey as a Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator as you embody and learn to facilitate the next advanced level of this training.

What you can expect from this next level:

  • Learn to instruct women on how to correctly use the Jade egg and sexual healing practices

  • Learn more advanced Fembodiment™ practices   

  • Pelvic care practices and womb meditations

  • Pelvic mapping

  • Pleasure practices and genital massage practices for women and men (all taught on props)

  • Advanced learnings around the female energy system

  • Advanced Kundalini learnings, practices, and guided meditations 

  • Dynamic movement, breath, and sound meditation for group settings 

  • Healing the dark shadows and habitual patterns that hold us back from courageously living, loving and, thriving  

  • Integrated sexuality practices for women to bring into their lovemaking

  • Advanced facilitator training in how to read and work with the energy patterns of people 

  • Advanced erotic intelligence women's practices

  •  You will receive Level-2 instructional handouts after each class and access to the online training portal  

You will be well equipped to start leading this body of work for women's self-empowerment, including how to prepare women to bring Tantric wisdom and healthy communication practices into their relationships. You will learn how to support women in how to re-ignite the passion back into their relationship, learning tantric techniques to enhance lovemaking, or simply to build closer intimacy with their partner. You will learn how to prepare and guide single women to feel more confident in their bodies to access their body wisdom and express themselves more fully. Both in their life and especially around their sexuality and how to ask for what they desire in lovemaking.  


What would be your next step?   

If this resonates with you after completing the Level-1 training and you would like to explore this opportunity with me, I invite you to have a discovery chat.

Just contact me here  


*** Please note: All practices taught in a grounded and dogma-free approach. I am committed to simplify and facilitate the Fembodiment™ methodology for all participants and their unique journey. This training supports both introverted and extroverted women of all ages and stages of their lives to feel comfortable in their own skin. This training is only for graduates that have completed the level-1 Foundational Fembodiment™ Method Training. 

"When a woman is in tune with her feelings she becomes radiant, receptive and magnetic. She lives in flow with her heart while in relationship with others. She deeply embodied a presence that is a true expression of  the divine feminine."
~ Jenni Mears

Training details and investment:​

Online Modules one, two, and three. Students participate in online Zoom group study and home study and integration. Access to an online group study forum. You attend an in-person non-residential intensive weekend in Melbourne. Finally, students complete twenty-five professional credits, through supervised practice sessions with individuals, and small groups. These must be completed by the end of the 12-month training period to be awarded the professional certification. This training is accredited and internationally approved with IICT. The Embodied Feminine Institute is a recognised platinum training provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies. 





Current Early Bird Tuition: $2,897.00 AUD  (Early Bird Ends one month before the training start date.)

Pay in Full and SAVE!

Regular Investment: $2997.00 AUD

 $997 AUD non-refundable deposit secures your place in the training NOW!

With a Payment Plan Option: 4 Payments of $525.00 AUD to be completed two months before the 12-month training is finished.  

***We accept bank transfer or credit card. If using a credit card there is a 3% fee charge​​


What would be your next step?   

If this resonates with your heart and you would like to explore this opportunity let chat and I will give you more of the training outline details.