"I came to enroll in Fembodiment ™️ Method Training out of my own curiosity and a desire to understand and connect to myself more deeply. I have always been interested in the complexity of women’s experiences in the world and wanted to befriend the aspects of me which were covertly shrouded in denial or even shame. There is no safer container to explore these themes than with Jenni Mears. She is grounded, intuitive, and highly skilled in supporting individuals to fully explore the places they are holding back. I found myself more able to ask for what I wanted in relationships and at work, to draw clearer boundaries, and experience more genuine pleasure in my day to day life. The course was far more than I expected, it was a deep cleansing and healing of the past and a reconnection to my innate power. I felt a tremendous energy within me and in our group which was tangible to strangers and friends alike. I was given practical and effective tools which I now draw on daily. I feel immense gratitude to Jenni and the women I witnessed flourish, for the opportunity to offer this important work. If you are truly committed to living your best life, I highly recommend enrolling in Fembodiment ™️ Method training with Jenni Mears."

~ Lanie Tobias

"Thank you Jenni for creating the Fembodiment™ Method training. I had been looking for a female teacher who was not only qualified to pass on the tantric teachings, but also able to do so safely and in a deeply feminine way of non-competition and support. Jenni was able to provide all of this to me. I received so many teachings, from actual techniques I could pass on to my students to more subtle transmissions about living in a way that was softer, more inflow, and more connected to the divine feminine. It's hard for me to describe how I have changed in this past year, but I know that my students can feel a shift in me. I can also personally feel a sense of greater freedom, openness, and a spirit of exploration and liberation in my own sensual self. I certainly now feel confident to now be able to pass on these sacred practices to so many women and can't wait to continue my training as a Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator. I highly recommend this training for any woman looking to go deep into an exploration of the sacred feminine in themselves and also to support other women to do the same." 

 ~ Sian Pascale

"On my journey of self-discovery, I have been traveling with Jenni for around 4 years. Jenni's work has expanded me into places I could never have imagined as I explore the layers of my true self and what I truly desire. After experiencing and embodying these powerful Fembodiment™ Method practices in my life it only seemed natural to become a Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator and join a collective of passionate women who share the same view.

Jenni Mears' vision has made this possible. She has guided and mentored me to become a feminine self-empowered leader in all areas of my life, teaching me how to embody my life from the inside out and giving myself full permission to be all of me. Through embodying the Fembodiment™ Method and practices into my life I have built powerful resilience, courage and at the same time learning to be kind and offer harmlessness to myself."

Nicci Jaggard

"Jenni’s women’s courses and training have been a pivotal part of my life, enriching my life in ways I could never have imagined. There is a magical alchemy that occurs when women come together in their truth. Not only have I experienced everlasting shifts and deep changes within myself, but I am also honoured to have witnessed growth,
transformation, and freedom in other women, which comes from embodying these powerful Fembodiment™ Method practices. These daily practices allow me to honour myself and continuously grow. Jenni is a living representation of all of the Fembodiment™ Method practices. I am truly grateful for Jenni and her wisdom. Her authenticity, clarity, depth of knowledge, and gentle heart can lead any woman right to the heart of their being. To me, I understand
how significant this work is that when Jenni created the Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator Training, I jumped on board.
Her guidance and mentoring to give myself full permission to be all of me, to embody me from the inside out, and together with tools, practices, safe space, and wisdom, it supported me to be a self-empowered facilitator. It has been and still is, an amazing experience and honour to be called to this path. And if you feel the call, I am excited for you as you’ll get expand and deepen into the juiciness of what this training has to offer. Today, I am inspired beyond words to be able to share this work with other women and to join a collective of passionate women who share the same views."


~ Stezzy Robinson

"I started my journey with Jenni 6 years ago when my body reproductive system wasn't producing the baby that I had been longing for. Through training and circles, my body started to sing.

When I saw that she had created the Fembodiment™ Facilitator Training I knew that this was part of my life path. The training has had so much impact on my life, and the life of my family (Ayla 3 and Isabella 1). I know that this work is transformational, once you embody the practices - which I do daily as a ritual. This work helps me when life gets crazy when I bring my awareness back into my body and come home, to this present moment.

I am truly grateful for Jenni and the way that she shares all of her knowledge and her heart with her students. She is a living representation of all of the Fembodiment™ practices.

I am inspired beyond words to be able to share this work with other women. I have so much love for this woman and all of my other Fembodiment™ Facilitator collective.

I am so, so, so very blessed."

 ~ Samantha-Jayne