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Woman's online sessions with Nicci



Hi, my name is Nicci Jaggard welcome to my women’s online mentoring session page, It is always nice to connect with women who are curious about their mind-body connection and how that can aid them in their growth and healing. It is my passion to support women to facilitate their own healing and growth and to create a safer space where they can not only expand and flourish but also have practical tools to take home and implement in their everyday life, rediscovering who they truly are and what they truly desire at a pace that is right for them.   


I help women like you to create more space in your body and then I guide you to transform that space into a new vibrant version of your feminine embodied self. As I reflect on how far I have traveled over the years, discovering things deep inside myself, through a deep inner journey of self-exploration. With this newfound expansion, I have explored myself in ways I could not have seen or even dreamt of.


Being more inflow and letting go of perfection now is what I truly desired. As I stripped back the layers of distrust and fear I discovered a gentle opened hearted powerful woman with healthy boundaries, whose desire is to be in-service to other women’s lasting transformation. This has come to me in the form of online personal mentoring sessions.

Jenni mears-online women’s orgasmic sex

I have dived deep into my body experiencing and owning all parts of myself. The comfortable parts and uncomfortable parts. This has allowed me to feel more whole with myself first and then in relationship with others. ​I have been trained as a holistic practitioner and Fembodiment™ Method facilitator. What I bring to your online Zoom session is the first-hand knowledge and powerful transformation I experienced through the Fembodiment™ Method practices and processes. Which I now offer to you so you can have your unique journey to feeling more whole as you explore all parts of yourself in a safer space with me where agency and consent are always offered.

From your session, you can expect to experience

  • Learn about what a healthy boundary between yourself and another looks like. What informed agency and consent is and how to embody the two to transform your life and relationships

  • Learn more about sensations, desires, and pleasure, how to enjoy these with yourself, and how to communicate these with a partner

  • Learn Fembodiment™ Method practices to cultivate feminine embodiment, vitality, and magnetic attraction

  • Learn ways to embrace your true feminine essence and power. Understanding what is your healthy feminine/masculine and what is your unhealthy feminine/masculine and how to find your own unique healthy inner alignment

  • Discover a loving relationship with your entire body 

  • Relearn or create a mindful solo self-pleasure practice, making pleasure part of your everyday life. Taking charge of your own pleasure in a way that feels self-empowering

  • Advanced women's anatomy and becoming more familiar with your own

  • Explore and learn what it feels like when sexual energy flows through your body

  • How to release headlock and to live in the moment

  • Relating to a partner or potential partner and how to have a conscious conversation about your desires in relating

  • Learn to ask for what you want in a sexual interaction, and to be able to give and receive touch and pleasure with openness and authenticity in a relationship


My professional background


  • Fembodiment™ Method level-1 Foundational Facilitator/Mentor with the Embodied Feminine Institute

  • Fembodiment™ Method level-1 Advanced Facilitator/Mentor with the Embodied Feminine Institute

  • Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Practitioner Training – with Jenni Mears

  • Women's Facilitator Training - with Jenni Mears

  • Magnified Healing® Master Teacher

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Trauma-informed Care Training 

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Cert in Child, Youth and Family Interventions

  • Cert in Community Service Work

  • Landmark Education (NLP) - participant, coach, and introduction leader

I would like to express my gratitude to the mentors and leaders who have supported my journey and growth. Jenni Mears, (who is in this photo with me) founder of the Embodied Feminine Institute has been my mentor, teacher, and guide over the past years and continues to mentor and support my ongoing self-empowerment and personal growth. 


Here's What Some of the Women are Saying about my Sessions

"The sessions were deeply profound and cannot be easily explained in a few words, but there is no doubt Nicci facilitated the release of wells of stored grief and trauma. For the first time in my life, I felt connected to and safe in my body which is something I have searched for in various ways over many years."

 ~ Julie

"Nicci, our sessions together have been gentle, nurturing and subtle when needed and other time's they have been deep cathartic and soul-shaking. At all times I have felt safe and supported by your generous heart, strength and integrity as a healer and mentor."


 ~ Sita

Your Session Investment:

Online Zoom Personal Mentoring Session $197

Online Zoom Mentoring 3-Session package $497 (Enjoy your $94 savings)


Contact Nicci:


To book a session please contact Nicci by email at Or simply contact her on 0430 557 263 and you can have a fifteen-minute discovery chat about how she can support you.

There is no sexual gratification or intrusiveness of any kind during this session. All sessions with Nicci are facilitated in a safer professional space of authenticity and integrity. 


***Cancelation Policy: Personal session investment is nonrefundable. In the event that Nicci Jaggard cancels a session for any reason, a full refund will be provided to you. You may request that your personal session be rolled over to a future session.